University Project
Product Design / Circular Design
Yan Zhenyang, Wang Mingye
According to The Guardian, over a million plastic bottles being brought all over the world every minute. However, after the water is drunk, the plastic bottle loses its value as a package and becomes a stubborn waste. The plastic bottle is only used for a very short time. Although there are many reuse methods, it is still difficult for people to have the motivation to reuse them. 
The ‘Plan B’ provides a chance for people to reuse the plastic bottle in a more interesting way. By using the ‘secret seeds’ and redesigning the packaging, We can engage people to reuse the plastic bottle and think about the connection between artifacts and nature through a fun and low-cost way. Following the simple instructions on the wrapping paper, people can easily transform the bottle into a simple automatic irrigation flowerpot, and plant their own mini potted plants with the ‘secret seeds’. 
‘Secret seeds’ are sealed at the label which is made of degradable cardboard.
The instructions can be easily found behind the wrapping paper.

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