University Project
User Research / Industrial Design / Design Concept
The road conditions in cities are becoming more and more complex, and people's travel needs are becoming more and more diverse. Existing short-distance transportation is difficult to fully meet the travel needs of most urban residents (especially for the elderly and other groups).

What if there is a kind of short-distance transportation in the future city that can meet the diverse needs of most people?

Start by researching the travel needs of the elderly.
In today's China, there are many 'shared' forms of transportation, such as shared bicycles and shared electric vehicles. However, from a user perspective, I found that middle-aged and older people over the age of 50 often do not choose this type of transportation. Even in communities with a large number of older people, the use of shared bicycles is significantly lower.

How might we design a vehicle that can adapt to various road conditions in the city very flexibly, and can meet the short-distance travel needs of most people under the premise of safety?
As a rare riding tool, the ostrich has very flexible legs-it can easily pass most complex road conditions. So I began to think about whether it is possible to apply this form to transportation.

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