University Project
User Research / Industrial Design / Service Design Methodology
In almost every bustling area, we can see a special group of people – street artists. Although their performance time and location are very free, their performance environment is sometimes very bad. Especially for street singers, due to their performance characteristics, they often need to carry a large number of scattered performance equipment to move frequently in a short time, which causes great inconvenience.

Therefore, I want to design a product for street singers, so that they can be more convenient when they go out to perform, and also have a better performance environment to enhance their experience during the performance.
In the desk research stage, I collected some data from the Internet and got a general understanding of the behavior and characteristics of this group of people.
In this project, my initial inspiration came from the movie Transformers. Street performers only need to go out to perform and carry a simple box, which contains all the equipment needed for the performance. This box can be easily connected to the bicycle, thereby reducing the burden on the way. When they reach the target location, the street performer can transform the box into a simple temporary stage in a few simple steps, which greatly improves their user experience when going out.

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