University Project
User Research / Industrial Design / Design Concept

This is a home air-conditioning system with an internal water circulation function. I incorporated the concept of green plants into the cold household appliances in the past.

The living environment has always been one of the important factors affecting the quality of human life. With the accelerating urbanization process, fast-paced lifestyles, high housing prices, etc., have seriously affected people's living experience. At the same time, reinforced concrete occupies people's living environment, air quality is getting worse and worse - the natural environment and human living space seem to become an irreconcilable contradiction.

Based on the background of urbanization/the conflict between the quality of human living and the environment, I began to think about this issue from the perspective of product design - Can we design a household appliance product that combines space utilization, enhances the quality of living, and humanity based on the concept of green ecology?
Inspired by the trees surrounded by vines, I tried to turn my design into an organic form from the traditional style of household appliances.

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