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Service Design / User Research / Circular Design / Digital Transformation
During Christmas, there are a lot of disposable products consumed and wasted due to a lack of effective reverse logistics services. The requirement of reducing carbon footprint, under the threat of climate change posed great challenges to the typical British tradition.
In the initial desktop research, we found that Glasgow’s garbage collection rate is the lowest in all of Scotland. Especially during the Christmas period every year, a lot of garbage is generated and wasted, Only a few of which are actually recycled and reused.

Research video

Location: Kelvingrove Park

Location: IQ Elgin Place

The current forward logistic service of Christmas products in Glasgow are researched and displayed as a system map to find circular opportunities. 

In order to narrow down the scale of opportunities position in the whole Christmas system, we built the position matrix diagram and affinity diagram to organize all the findings and insights.
Greeting cards
The requirement of reducing carbon footprint, under the threaten of climate change posed great challenges to the typical British tradition of sending greeting cards. The special human touch of greeting card is not only the emotional connection between people but also the gap in the transition to an environmentally friendly card industry.
The greeting card exchange activities inspired us to this British tradition. Through desk research interviews with locals and observations, we understand the current state of the greeting card industry and analyze the motivation of sending a greeting card and the reluctance of using digital cards. Physical cards bring a special personal touch with the sincerity, which is rare in the e-card. However, people are also often caught in the dilemma of keeping or throwing away greeting cards.
To nudge people using greeting cards sustainably, the "1/2 card" combines traditional handwriting and online AR greetings to encourage "returning a half" based on the recycling service system. It is a midterm in the long digital transition journey without forcing people to change their traditional greetings.
'1/2 card' is a semi-digital greeting service integrating traditional handwriting greetings and online greetings with the purpose of engaging people to return half of a card by providing online surprises to balance between conventional behavior and digital transformation.

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